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Undeclared War on The Peoples' Prosperity

If you're new to Nevada , fair warning; the Democrat Majority Socialist have voted to triple property tax which will increase rents, devalue property, and have told the public to sit down, shut up and  pay and pay and pay.  You're onto something if you have suspicions Nevada bureaucrats, by and large, treat  legal residents as if they were gum on the bottom of a blue suede shoe. Revolving door residency based on several factors,  suppress the life, liberty, and property of residents with blue Nevadan electorate holding high honors from  the school of tax and spend.  Don't California Our Nevada  believes oathtakers are public servants and increasing accountability and transparency within all forms and functions of government will provide greater economic liberty  for Nevada residents.      

Gold and Guns

Is your "Gold" your talent, your money, your thoughts, time, free will, inventions,ideals, undiscovered motivations, energy access, clean water, money, unfettered air to thrive?  A "yes" to any of the above precious property is key; you recognize  your right to your property, your gold, and claim it for your  advantage.  If the collective pays you for it, then you are in the fair market.  Guns are physically symbolic of protecting freedom and necessary, so is a patent, a fence, or a locked car door.  Laying claim to our  personal "Gold" is the first step to using rights. 

Prosperity Trifecta

Your thumbprint is your property, as is your individualism. Manifesting  free will choices by Rule Of Law (No Harm, no Foul) should dictate our opportunities for success.  All forms of Our Property and Endowed Liberties comes with the individual's responsibility to assert our rights.   The Prosperity Trifecta of Life, Liberty, and Property is owned by us at birth. We delegate  to  government  only those enumerated powers in our Contract, the Constitution. Tell government their  only purpose and legitimacy for existence is to assist us in the beneficial use of our property claiming it in the pursuit of Happiness. We are awake. What's keeping you from thriving?  

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