Download The Gun Sanctuary Notice

Litigation announced regarding SB143 has given pause around the State of Nevada to Sheriff's and their oath to uphold Second Amendment Rights.

Email a copy to to be included on the list of sheriff's signing the pledge.

The Constitutional Sheriff Pledge or click on the link and take the pledge

Take the Pledge at CSPOA

Organizing volunteers now to call on your County Commissioners and Sheriffs

Email us at and list your county email and phone, we'll connect your name to our coordinator.


Lyon County, Commissioner Ken Gray


Eureka County, Sheriff Jesse Watts

Elko County Aitor Narvaiza


Nye County, Commissioner Leo Blundo & Sheriff Wherly

The Second Amendment makes all others possible. SB143 restricts Constitutional Gun Rights. We Do Not Consent

Download the AmericanFirst Champion Pledge

Voters, send pledge to your freedom candidates supporting Vaccine Safety, Life Justice, and Economic Liberty for all. Once signed, candidates email to our  Contribution Coordinator with link to your PAC. 

AmericanFirst Challenge

We are living in unprecedented times. AmericanFirst evolves every single person to challenge  authorities who have led us astray of our Naturally endowed Constitutional heritage.  We may be of creed, of color, of origin, of age, of sex, of party, but we are first and foremost American.  The issues we face together as Americans will be resolved when we Question Everything, by seeking the lowest common denominator and root cause of today's economic and social issues. 

Speakers Bureau



HHS admitted in United States Courts November 2018 vaccines have not be safety tested since 1988. Breach of public trust and criminal malversion by vaccine injury is a lowest common denominator to symptomatic economic pressure to manufacture crisis for unsustainable programs. Advocate for pro informed consent

Clean accessible environments aren't political


Green societies have proven to be Energy Policy drivers designed to impoverish access and generation of power.  Unite everywhere to rethink local  federal lands, safe water, and property rights with, redefining sustainability.  Everyone wants clean water and air, let us propel civil discourse in terms of reality, not agendas. 

Life Justice


Elder Justice and life ending  corruption schemes, even disposable life thinking, is antithetical to a republic who protects life, liberty, and property; for life is property.