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Publius was the first government Anon to inform the public to defend Liberty against the British crown run media of 1776. Publius was a clandestine writing essay campaign run by  Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay to bring authentic  interpretation of the intent of the Constitution and explain each carefully chosen word.  

The Framers were classically trained in Greek, Latin, and were largely attorneys. Their desire to be sovereign from the Crown's tyranny and Divine Right  was to establish a nation of consent by the Governed living by the Rule of Law.

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Learn the intent of the Constitution, by Publius; America's Original Anons.

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Economic Liberty leaders can achieve more when we limit government by learning the  Constitution. "Peace can prevail when the mission is truth".  The Great American truth is We are the Government.

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Qanon Mirrors Publius

All around the Country, people are waking up to the corruption of a government run wild by the phenomena called Q, or Qanon. There is a Council of 12 running Qanon, which is the public face of the plan to retake America by Trump's military strategy, invoking critical thinking of the public, messaging, and escalating National Security over the devolved Globalist Agenda.

AmericanFirstFaith announces Pledge on Constitution Day

Peace can prevail when the mission is truth we are endowed in our liberties by God. Sign the pledge and know, We are the Government. #ConstitutionStrong

Trump Cancels Congressional Powers Cloaking Deep State

AmericanFirst Challenge

We are living in unprecedented times ,we could even call it the Age of Disclosure. We as a Nation must meet the Challenge to secure our Liberty from those who led us astray of our Constitutional Republic Heritage.  Meet the Challenge and celebrate your nationalism with Publius, the roots of freedom.

With your help, we can do better for the American Dream

AmericanFirst, a Nationalism campaign to rediscover Publius, our 

Constitutional Republic Roots

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If freedom excites you, learn why you should keep it.

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Anyone can read the Constitution, but to know it is to love it. Read the federalist Papers for an in depth look at the Freedom Documents.