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#BattlebornLiberty: Constitutional State Officers

The following electorate are trusted to protect Nevada People and their Economic Liberty

Governor: Bill Boyd

Grit and Gumption candidate.  Will defend us against enemies both foreign and domestic, including resident fat and happy legislative monster aka LCB. Business  savvy and Strong Constitutional mindset with practical approach.  Could  have been Dan Schwartz; who failed to be 2AStrong, a collossal error.  Let's   consider what Laxalt could have been doing these last three years, starting with cleaning up Deputy Discretion corruption at the expense of the People and  allowing erasure of Due Process for unjust  fee collection,impoverishing thousands.  

Lt. Governor: Scott Lafata

Former Deloitte & Touche Sr. Executive with accountability penchant for Liberty, not ladders.  Veteran supported Lafata with Cahones to  excel at expanding economic opportunity through experienced business acumen. Scott's plan for economic diversity includes deregulation and radical tax reform. He thinks big picture, but has ideas to retool government services by mobile for the rurals.  Tell opponent Scientology Elite Brent Jones to get on down the road to Clearwater where they were headed just a few short months ago.    

Secretary of State: Barbara Cegavske Oath Taker on Notice

While the voter rolls were not maintained by Wayne Thorley Deputy Secretary as of 3/26/2018 and demonstrated over 200,000 confirmed ineligibles, let this be  a clarion call to all Nevadans:  Failure to demand maintaining voter roll  integrity by a flood of calls and letters translates to your consent to a breakdown in Election Integrity,  including the kind that are bussed here in droves from other places. Ghost precincts gotta go.

Treasurer: Bob Beers Controller: Ron Knecht

Two pillars on a bedrock of fiscal conservancy.  

Attorney General: Craig Mueller

Craig's prudent application of the right remedy and legal prowess from his previous decades long career exhibits an eye for doing what's right and his recent win in 9th Circuit where noone is winning any Constitutional gain was a boon. Recently, it has come to light opponent Duncan  resigned from the AG office while working for Laxalt taking favor political donations of over $100,000.00.