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Back in the 70's, a stealth campaign to end poltical and religious discussion took hold and blossomed into the Poltically Incorrect wave of apathy.  Trump is doing everything possible for Liberty, he's passed us the ball on the field of freedom, we need to run with it!

5 Fast ways to help candidates for liberty

One, Host a one hour townhall at a local eatery or park, invite all liberty candidates and your freinds.  Two, call candidates and offer assistance with yard signs, fundraising.  Take up a collection for even just $5-$10 for these  self-funded warriors for freedom. Three, email/call candidates ideas for places they can stop in and "crash parties' swap meets, car shows, birthday parties, retirement parties, company picnics. Four, start conversations with perfect strangers on SJR14 or any other broad scope issue. Five, be the posse  and recruit for parades and outings, walking and more.

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