2019 Bill Initiatives

Show Me the Man, I'll Show You the Crime


-------DCON #ShatterGlassPrisons Bill------     Est. July, 2018.  While we were sleeping, County Commissions everywhere put a 1,000 Dumb Laws (revised code statutes) on the books that act like glass prison walls. They haven't enforced them all yet, or don't take effect until a trigger event, or they are snuck by us incrementally; the public isn't aware they exist until they run up against the glass wall.  If you store water in your RV, you are a domestic terrorist; fly a flag less than 200 feet from your front property line, you have committed a "crime".  If you own a ranch and discharge your weapon in the air to scare a coyote from your chicken coop, you have just committed a felony.   Walk your dog on your driveway to roll your rubbish can to the curb, and you are subject to  notification of a misdemeanor, even if your neighbor only photographs the event 3 times in a short period and turns in the "evidence of a crime" to code enforcement, a.k.a. law enforcement.  Essentially, these alleged infractions amount to an unconstitutional tax via (fines) to be paid to excuse the "perpetrator/criminal" nonviolent YOU which extorts money from the public illegitimately.  Non-payment of these fines will be escalated against you to divide you from your life, liberty, and property, creating Glass Prisons.  Our $2.5 Billion  annual budget funding the  Nevada State private prison system where guards make $60.00/hr will be awaiting you, and needs constant fodder. 

HeavenlyHerbs, No Herb Left Behind


--------------DCON #HeavenlyHerbs Bill #NoHerbsLeftBehind Est. July 2018 God created all herbs, including pharmacological Cannabis .  It is a plant on the earth just like Poppy seeds, these are not "new drugs" as the FDA would have us believe. Although plants may also be scientific, they were derived from NATURE, here by a Universal Power, and some name that Power God, others Mother Earth.  Big Pharma and a collusive Big Government vilified Cannabis with unbecoming labels such as  "stoner, pothead" or the 1936 film Reefer Madness to keep good people from using cannabis to prevent  & cure disease, even some cancers, which are now being traced back to Big Pharma vaccinations, commercial mutagenic and everyday household substances.  Cannabis was seized upon to promote a permit system for a natural plant, then connect permit holders to a Gun Control Agenda.  Cannabis prevents malaise, is proven to cure cancer, provides pain relief, and is currently privileged to Nevadans.  Big Pharma created patented psychotropic strains of Cannabis to further drive the permission system by lumping Schedule I-V or  Class I-V Cannabis together.  Currently, the FDA seeks to outlaw any herb, or plant with healing properties. This bill separates psychotropic, patented Cannabis (Schedule 1/II/III) from straight natural cannabis; therefore, mitigating the need to apply permissions for a natural product that should be readily available and reasonably priced.  Cannabis started as a cottage industry, and was corporatized to the detriment of the small farmer.  Convoluted permitting system wrest away start -up opportunity for small growers,  This bill will nullify current Big Pharma Utility patent  prohibiting cannabis and all healing herbs from being smoked, juiced, drank, or inhaled for healing purposes. It will promote Medical Patient Advocacy, reestablish a cottage growing industry, disengage the gun agenda, and establish a Nevada Sovereign State Bank to provide a  financial institute for handling cannabis commerce. 

Gender Bender Disclosure


--------------DCON #Gender Bender Bill--------------Est. August2018   Substances allowed/compelled on food for human and animal consumption and in vaccines have been scientifically proven to be endocrine inhibitors. In grown men, this causes ED; in women, it causes cancer and malaise. In Boys, vaccines containing Glyphosate obliterate their lifetime ability to create testosterone, necessary for full maturation and male development. GMO food supply seed containing Dupont's Epicyte changes consumptive party DNA for Gender Bending. Current compelled pediatric practices & some insurance companies require puberty blockers be administered to children as young as 6 years old.  Tacit Consent by the Public consumers silence and permissions to proceed in the form of uninformed consensual agreement.  This bill will reference Gender Bender substances such as Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Round-Up, practices and procedures to  provide labeling, notification  and/or consent clause  to have informed consumers who may desire the by product of current nondisclosure including gender dysphoria, transgenderism, clandestine chemical castration, or unintended sterilization, male feminization, endocrinology mitigation, auto immune complications, and possible death.       



  Est. August 2018 #BeeKindNV    70% of crops are bee pollinated. Current Agricultural Trends are looking to replace natural honey producing bees with monetizing drone ants and bees.  This bill protects Natural Bees. Walmart (FEMA) wants to own the patents for pollination of GMO food. This red flag to all who understand the concept of food monopoly should be a top priority for NV, because of advances in water friendly agriculture and propagation and our growing friendly warm weather. 

Review of Audit for State Offices


Nevadans trust in the public office can only be restored with accountability and transparency, This can be achieved with a review of offices, audits and reviews.  The Medical Board, Dental Board and Secretary of State Elections Division are currently blocked from audit by the Nevada Constitution and carte blanche corruption immunity deals like the Chevron Doctrine .  The 2019 legislature needs to do their job and change this.


A #MicroDistrictEducation  Policy works on many levels with decentralization, increases parental choice, increases educational privatizing.  If parents aren't taxpayers (Foreign Nationals), they can pay the real cost of the education to any school they wish.  In Nevada, that is roughly 75,000 students of about 500,000.  Conversely, taxpayers can divert their property tax funds in much the same way, electing which schools in an every 2 year cycle receives their allotment, or divert it to their own household  for education expenses of any member.  At no time can welfare entitlements be accepted or used for any private or public education.  The "micro"districting lies within the power of the taxpayer to use the funds for the most enriching experience. This mutual duality in could be implemented as early as school year 2019-2020.