Trafficking of every kind needs to end

Anything and anyone separating you from your ability to make or keep your money should be repelled like the 3rd monkey on the ramp to Noah's ark.  Trafficking in many ways for a few reasons needs to be stopped at all costs.

Economic Liberty for All

Support Trump's Plan

Stop Unfunded Mandates

Defeat Globalism/ Agenda21

Adopt Gold Standard/Bank

Prepare for States Rights 

Return America To A Representative Government

Stop Open Borders/End Sanctuary

Stop OverCriminalization

Abolish Mandatory Sentencing

Legislative Priorities

Family Protection form CPS

Fund ESA/Abolish Common Core

Constitutional Rights Education

Elder Justice    Assist Vets

Affordable Housing

Domestic Water wells are real property

Reform PERS/Avoid bankruptcy

Reform The Nevada Plan

Land Rights    Gold Standard

State Healthcare

Carbon Free E Park/ YMR Reprocessing

Reform Civil Asset Forfeiture

Activate the Republican Platform

Reform Policing for Profit

Cannabis friendly

Stop Triple Property Tax, StopSJR14 a campaign to keep Nevada housing affordable is Denise's effort  to educate voters to preserve a high quality of life for the middle class, fixed income, and keep Nevada  a desirable place to recreate, live and thrive.  Reverse the tax burden in all ways possible.

Bonanza Plan

Denise brings Common Sense to Carson City.  Those shouting "lame duck" session and " we can't do alot because we are in the minority" are setting up Conservatives for a fall.   The time for #Transparency4Truth is now, everyone on the side of truth will prevail.  See some of my bills:

2019 Bills

Public Service

Denise served in various advocacy capacities for the elderly and children.  Formerly, she was a Citizen Advocacy Council member for Mountain Springs, vehemently opposing a $47M Clark County spend to add one lane of highway to the mountain pass in Mountain Springs. She has been a citizen advocate for limited government for over  20 years in various capacities

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The Bonanza Plan

CommonSense for Economic Liberty For All

Abolish Common Core

Restore Constitutional Education   * Reset the Standards * Implement Microdistricting  *Establish Money Follows Child Policy  *  Fund ESA         Revitalize Skilled Workforce as per the NV Constitution.  *  End fed subsidy grabs such as Gender Dysphoria ID

Establish State HealthCare

Congressman Amodei has a baseline bill to fund State Healthcare with no prejudice for pre-existing conditions.  Nevada Leg needs to build the receivership module end of this plan in terms of benefits, providers, facilities, and capping costs to avoid abuse, especially for emergency room events. 

Immigration & Naturalization go together

Support Border Protection at all hazards by way of documentation enforcement, support of I.C.E. and all other Homeland Security measures. Abolish sanctuary policy in every level of government and taxpayer funded programs.  

Gun Rights Make All Other Rights Possible

Gun Control is Anti-Freedom policy,  guns don't shoot themselves, it's a people problem. Denise is  #RockSolid4AllRights.  Criminal immunity for home invasion and other assorted "socialist rights" fantasies need to remain dreams.

Ditch Permissions

Par way back on the unfair tax called permits tied to  codified restriction for work rights and and everyday jobs such as manicurists, florists, or valet. Expand opportunity for workforce reentry  for non-violent criminals who have done time. #DitchPermissions.

Programs Not Prisons

Sweeping and immediate  reforms  are needed to reduce non-violent crimes sentences, mandatory minimums, and code enforcement called "crimes". Immediate audit of our $2.6B private prison industry practices, policies, and procedures.  DOJ was built to interpret law and pass judgement, not fund institutions where Guards are making $160K a year.  Monetary Victim restitution is paramount.


According to  NPRI report, if we did nothing and secured the non-park & non-monument land returned to us via the COWS plan or another similar SCOTUS case, Nevada would be in the black $130M annually.  County Commissions have written themselves into a  powerful position by code adoption. From SNPLMA to eminent domain to seizure of property and titling, land use designation..... this complex issue is in need of major reform. 


A36 has a unique challenge in the contaminated aquifer from the Test Site. This is Priority One for immediate action including filing for federal reparation and clean up. Concurrently, a moratorium on well seizure needs to be put into place until a  Constitutionally Principled solution can be found.  The Colorado River Authority, SNWA need to be reviewed in wake of the new POTUS order for CA, WA, OR to cease and desist from dumping trillions of gallons daily of continental fresh water into the salty ocean.  Safe water is a right, not a privilege.

Land & Water Property Rights

Land and water property rights have been mitigated by Constitutional deceit when loopholes for Government and traps for property owners were laid.  This Nevada wide issue needs a new form of mild regulation so allocation and use can adjusted to actual needs vs. current schedules leading "use it or lose it" policy.  In Nevada, you may "own" property, but you don't really own it since Nevada doesn't recognize alloidial title, and that needs to change.  Wells are Real Property, not a permissible right. 

Medical Tourism

Advancing business for the state with targeted tourism and eliminating problematic licensure processes can open Nevada up quickly to Billions in revenue.

States Right for Pro Choice/Pro Life coming to a legislature near you

Roe v Wade was decided per the 14thA so  reasonable discretion  to protect expectant mothers  from criminalization for alleged manslaughter, or even murder.  The original intent of the law was abused and used as a  gateway to late term abortion.  Soon this will be turned over to the States to decide. Other States have wrote legislation to limit abortion to  early term with exception of life or health of the mother.  Townhalls exploring the rights and life of the unborn and responsible discretion starting with birth control and family planning are the first step in resolution of this matter.

Keep Nevada Safe & Affordable

  In 2019, the legislature will convene in unprecedented times.  A legitimate government aids the individual in claiming, using, and defending their rights for their beneficial use. I will be there making sure oath takers lower taxes, limit government.    

Carson City Housekeeping & Policy

LCB & Nevada Policy

Currently, the LCB is a "baked in" feature of the Silver State geopolitical landscape of how laws are made here.  A special session reorganizing the way Nevada works can equalize the current systemic denigration of good bills by process of party line elimination.  Reformation of Mason's Law processes  need to be taken up by the Leg to process  BDR/Bills  differently.  

Reorganize the Senate, Assembly and the way BDR flows

Nevada economic freedom is bogged down by a broken system of division run by paid opportunists.  Conservatives need to take strong steps in reversing this trend by redesigning meeting scheduling, the amount of legislation  and housekeeping and end rampant erasure of consumer protection created when government was by and for the people.

NV Constitution is too Fat and Happy

Constitutions have been hijacked in recent decades to  escalate service to a soulless government. Another special session to eliminate non-essentials and realign our State Constitution with Natural Law Principals is a job for a Conservative minded Legislature.

Energy Policy

New SMR technology on the energy frontier can be used to provide safe and cheap energy.  Adopting these technologies to claim the $55B trust fund held for Nevada  in Washington is our birthright.  We need to fire every policy driver not on board with the Revolution of Freedom and Technology  and start making plans to receive this funding. It dwarfs the #1 Hospitality Industry which generates around $1B annually, mainly the casinos, and pave the way for Carbon Free Energy platforms.  

Monetary Policy

In 1971 Nixon pushed the dollar into a petro based currency.  Trump's monetary policy is reconciling America to the Gold Standard with the impending collapse of the Central Bank. Further, Nevada has it's own insured State Bank System, it's dusty but actually working. We need to legislatively  reform monetary policy and revitalize the Nevada State Bank.


Federal funding and mandates are melting away for new infrastructure. Nevada needs to balance the needs of infrastructure with it's intentional degradation consistent with past bad policy.  The Rurals are  unique places  and need to stay special, but connectivity of the 2 major urban centers is paramount to grow the State. A fiscally conservative fresh start allowing for divestment of federal land management, county control and states rights should be priority for this 2019 session