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Tourism, Our Life Blood, Needs Better Protection

 To protect union jobs, professionals, and skilled workers in their sovereign quest to increase their individual prosperity and perform their patriotic duty to take care of themselves and their families, perform good works, and lead a life of peace and prosperity, people need protection. If tourism is bled dry by chronic chaos of law and order, people will go elsewhere to game, play, work, and live.   

Everyday LEO Heroes Deserve Better


The Law Enforcement officers of the LVMPD are some of the finest in the Nation, they deserve better protection to be the most secure in their persons, as do their families. Law Enforcement officers following the Rule of Law must be protected at all costs. 

Merit based performance for advancement in the department should be the rule, not the exception. 

Northwest Clark County Sheriff Arrest Quotas


It was reported in The Las Vegas Tribune on August 31, 2019 North West Area Command Captain Sasha Larkin issued quota requirements for proactive arrests and officers are fighting back. Union members given contact reports for failing to meet the quotas say the reports are the first steps on the pathway to disciplinary action as stated within the general regulations of departmental policies and procedures.  This is a methodology used in communism, whereby good citizens are wrongfully detained and set on a course for bankruptcy, work and personal life dispruption.

Enforce Federal Merit Immigration, it's Federal


The Sheriff’s policies, as an AmericanFirst citizen, should be to  uphold the current DOJ 287G and other programs to uphold federal law.  Immigration isn't a States' Rights issue and Activist Sheriff's aren't required to have an opinion on the law. There job is to enforce the law.

Stop 2018 Gang Murders & Mutilation


It was revealed that LVMPD had determined members of the murderous MS-13 gang were responsible for at least ten barbarous murders in Las Vegas, and that most of these bodies have been found scattered throughout the mountains of Las Vegas, and popular tourist destinations such as Lake Mead, making the site a mafia equivalent of an “East River” dumping ground for MS-13. According to a source at the Clark County Coroner’s office, “The most recent Mt. Charleston body has his heart cut out. They’re thinking the victim was alive when they did it. Metro better get their shit together quick or this place is fu@ked” stated an anonymous Coroner office employee.

Violent Crimes Aren’t Being Reported


Violent crimes are being reported falsely to have the appearance that Lombardo’s policies of disbanding certain units and decentralizing the detective bureau are actually yielding positive results” as reported by an anonymous LVMPD officer in  2017 article.

Constitutional Nevada Sheriff Bullying by Lombardo’s Personnel


This February, Constitutional Sheriffs across our great Battleborn State were bullied into submission for GunGrab Governor Sisolak. These Sheriffs sent letters putting Nevada officiates on notice they stood for the  Constitution and would uphold Gun Rights.   He sent in his bullies, then in September they all came down to Las Vegas for their annual meeting, and were told to get on the side of of the gun grabbers. 

Mitigation of Operation Raging Bull Hurts Public Safety


Operation “Raging Bull”, a special operation developed by Immigration and Customs Enforcement under President Trump to crackdown on gang violence across the United States, especially MS-13 gang members is hampered when Sanctuary Cities don't enforce the Law. Illegals walk around.

Purse and Wallet Snatching Alive and Well


Like fish in a barrel, Gangs target tourists having a  swell time poolside, gambling, and seeing the sights. This means millions of  victims of theft,  are having their business trips disrupted and vacations ruined by loss of their personal belongings and cash/credit cards, especially in casinos. The casinos deny victim's footage of the crime, creating an endless continual loop of unabated rime spree. Since it happens individually, these crimes go unsolved.

If You Aren’t for the People, You are Against the People

Oathtakers are elected to enforce the law. It's their duty by our consented privilege.  If neutral in the face of injustice, they have chosen the side of oppressor. When injustice themselves, they are oppressors. 

It Isn't Personal, Joe

It's just business.

  We can do better then "F" for Public Safety. 

This isn't common core, there aren't any participation trophys.


Cahones Impotento


 We believe our Sheriff suffers from a chronic and debilitating illness,  #CahonesImpotento; shown by  demonstrating continual and egregious ineffective administration for upholding the Constitution and Rule of Law.

Sheriff’s Role in October 1, 2017 Route 91 Harvest Festival Massacre


It is widely recognized by the public there were a series of preventable events that failed public safety and resulted in 58 deaths and over 850 injuries on the grounds of former Lombardo employer MGM.  The After Action Report  by Lombardo catapulted Las Vegas to the top of the laugh list by America's Sheriffs. The horrific and avoidable loss of life will go down as the biggest cover up in history.

CDL Drivers Targeted


Since 2016, escalation against CDL drivers of company trucks such as easily identifiable snack, beverage, and food trucks (logo trucks) has escalated whereby schemes including  2-3 cars, always containing four people with cameras, are fomenting premeditated vehicular accidents forcing professional drivers to suffer injury,  job loss, pensions and benefits.  

Increasing Crime #60in60


In all areas, Crime is up including homicide, theft, robbery, trafficking, and traffic crimes, it's under reported and underrepresented.   This website will highlight daily in our #60in60 sixty ways the Sheriff's Department has  not upheld the responsibilities to protect the people of Nevada.

Private Security Costs Hurts Small Business Petty Crime Endangers Patrons


The increase in bank robberies, theft, and convenience store crime not limited to regular folks washing cars and pumping gas means crime is up. There are millions of minor, unreported crimes. When small businesses need armed guards 24/7, it hurts business and profits, already thinned by other regulations and policies.  To boot, departmental harassment of business owners calling police to fight crime has led to increased security risks for business and patrons.

We get it, it's Sin City, ...but it's a Fact : Prostitution & Trafficking Go Hand in Hand

Advocates for trafficking awareness largely focus on trafficked minors.   It's easy to adopt a "live and let live" attitude  on illegal adult prostitution, since the general public here of around 2 million is outnumbered x20 by tourists, who do what they want to do and will pay for it.

According to GLVAR, the average residency period for  Las Vegas   is about 3 years, hardly close knit!

A devolved and immoral society enjoys and appreciates  a  LEO who look the other way.

Truth Fears No Questions

Let's face it, Lombardo is the pool boy for operators of legal businesses that want him to look the other way on prostitution and illegal activities, who are A OK with his departmental policies that punish good cops, and reward his shills.   Time and again, Sheriff Lombardo has not answered to the public, avoids transparency, and shirks his responsibilities as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of Clark County. 

Time for Joe to  Go in a recall if he can't enforce the law. 

ChinaTown Gangs

In September, the  Asian community was forced into  forming  minutemen foot brigades. These are residents of our community  volunteering and  exposing themselves to harm from gang violence to stop business extortion and auto burglary. This volunteer group gives 15,000 hours a month, saving the department millions. 

Stadium Crimes will Have Their Own Secret Court

In order to mask the coming reality of the Sisolak stadium,  a public liability and supported property that will end up costing  Nevada property owners to make up the $1B+ shortfall in lack of infrastructure, a secret court to handle stadium crime, not limited to player affiliated crime, will be managed by a secret court. Metro is providing law enforcement for this secret court.

Code Enforcement is not Law Enforcement

Constitutional  Rule of Law is  a no harm, no foul concept lost to the masses.   Spend resources  fighting real crime, end policing for profit.  

Get back to Community Policing to uphold Peaceful Law and Order

The Sheriff's policies are putting law abiding residents at odds with the police. This needs to end, now.

Civil Asset Forfeiture

IRS & felonious crime related civil asset forfeiture is a different category  then what is described as target rich forfeiture.  This department does not have to comply with unlawful seizure of property, and shouldn't.

Fusion Center Corruption

Trump has initiated the Committee on American Law Enforcement, the first in 50 years, to investigate this and other  law enforcement systems, including the judiciary.  We are about to see a bumper crop of Whistleblowers, which will hopefully clean up internal joint efforts for best practices.

End Cahones Impotento


He had a chance, he failed us.

Time to end #CahonesImpotento in Clark County

Poll: should Joe go?

How many more have to die?


11.15.19 Keystone Cop and Sisolak work together against Public Safety

10.30.19 Sisolak & Lombardo's VegasStrong fails to release $32.5M

10.23.19 Activist Sheriff purges ICE requirements same day Alien Murders Deputy

10.31.19 Department Detective can't believe heads didn't roll in Mally Mal case

We need a sheriff, Not a politician


Sept 2018 Arrest Quotas initiated in North West by LVMPD

August 2019 311 calls by small business get answered on adhoc basis

Christian Bikers persecuted by LVMPD who lied and perjured herself wrote two reports, pocketed the

Liar, WifeBeater, Sexual Harrasser all had whistlblown, but they rise to the top and become anointed

Metro Captain missing, then found, vanished with a huge cache of guns

joegottago  cahonesimpotento   recalllombardo

Lombardo recall timeline report: Milestones

2008   Deputy Chief of the Special Operations Division  Lombardo tells Vice to stop being proactive

2011-  Officer Rahn exposed "essence of a protection racket at play when vice tells him (Vesp) to stand down and we all back off the intel on Mally Mal" running a prostitution and trafficking ring for at that point, 10 years 

2014 Former MGM Employee Lombardo and Metro elected Sheriff

April 4, 2016 Dept breaks up gang unit

2016 Bloomberg pays off to support Question One

2016/2017 Departmental Strategic Corruption exposed by proactive LVMPD LEO who are harassed and eventually fired

2017 Supports magazine limitations for firearms

July 12, 2017   Jeff Sessions Visits Las Vegas and remarks "Don't be like California"

October 1, 2017  LVMPD/FBI   Despite terror plot intel by Fusion, FBI,LVMPD,  58 Dead & 851 Wounded

October 2,2017  Lombardo/Sisolak  establish VegasStrong within hours of massacre, collect $32M but never disperse the funds

2008-2018 Department exposed for underreporting violent crimes by whistleblowers

Early 2018  Gang murders include beating hearts cut out of live victims and 10+ bodies cut up/dumped in desert

March 27, 2018  Dept told to cover up gang murders

October  18, 2018 Lombardo After Action report on Massacre makes Vegas laughing stock of the nation 

2016-2019   Lombardo promotes 

February 2, 2019  Lombardo ends ICE detainer on "low Level" crimes of  illegals 

October 9, 2019  Deputy AG of DOJ Rosen hosts SBA conference and announces no cities should adopt Sanctuary

October  22,2019 Mally Mal pleads guilty to 1 charge of prostitution, even though case involves 100's of trafficked girls, murder, drugs and other felonies , likely will serve as little as 1 month.

October 23, 2019  Lombardo announces he will stop enforcing ICE detainers (287G) for illegals creating a Sanctuary City except for the "worst of the worst" and " will no longer honor Federal immigration detainers for civil immigration violations". 

October  23-25, 2019  Lombardo remarks he would like to be "more like California" regarding ICE detainers, the same day a Deputy is shot by illegal robbing illegal grow house  in Placerville, California

October 25, 2019  Don't California Our Nevada (DCON) asks public to call department on ICE related issues

October  31, 2019 Committee to Recall Lombardo invites Lombardo to a townhall meeting  11.14.2019

11.1.2019  Sheriff invited to townhall for  remarks  11.1.2019 

11.6.2019 Townhall moved up to Built-In America Show

11.9.2019  Sheriff is  #NoShowJoe at townhall. Event shut down by a random crazy person

an hour before Lombardo is supposed to be there.  Allegedly there were shooters in the area per the LV Marshall.

11.12.19  Lombardo Censured 


"The devil we know, bests the devil we don't know"

Vegas residents and tourists fear a worse outcome with replacement to Joe, if  recalled.  Let it be known there are several Constitutionally principled, proven  oathtakers candidates  willing to step in and  work for public safety by enforcing the law and giving department staff a legitimate path to career advancement.  

Our  lawful LEO are trapped in a corrupt system  of complicity just like the prostitutes and other trafficked victims.

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