Kiwanis Roots for Liberty with Liberty Stars

What better way to build freedom loving values in young fans and reconnect the Constitution with their families by an outreach through our 600,000 Kiwanis around the world. This new program took root in Pahrump Valley, Nevada on Veteran's Day and we hope you'll join us to build the program for bettering vacation bible schools, summer camps, homeschools, clubs  and everywhere Freedom rings! 

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Liberty Stars: Kiwani's Constitutional Challenge

K Kids get Strong for Liberty


This new program makes Liberty Stars out of kids! A fun curriculum impacting strong Freedom values starting with Principles and exploring the authentic intent of our founding fathers.

Powering Patriotism


Building a strong America in these unprecedented times is a great challenge to families across our Nation. Liberty Stars uses a Star badge reward system similar to scouts on a child created flag earning all 50 stars upon sound completion of  diversified curriculum lessons.

Socratic Active Learning


Curiosity fostered now makes for stalwart hearts later.  The curriculum comprised of songs, crafts, active learning including discourse, debate and independent thought are key components to building and defending individualism in our Republic. 

Rule of Law Principles


Life, Liberty, and Property are best defended when Founding Father Concepts such as the proper role of legitimate government by and for the people are the standard by which all else is measured is explored.

Checks and Balances


What Separation of Powers is and how it builds Freedom and Justice for all are a rock solid foundation for a civil society, even role playing a simple legal case.  

Freedom Documents


 When God left Government, all heck broke loose! Core aspects of  our Freedom Documents and Natural Law such as innocent until proven guilty will empower each child their whole life.