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Reid Politicos still criminalizing renewable recyclable Nuclear Power with Question 3 touting "Energy Choice".

No On Question 3      FACT: The NV Earthquake on July 5 in Southern NV will cost energy customers millions in replacing nearly new cracked panels (amortized for 20 years) and resetting the 12% efficacy black sea of panels with a grid down time of weeks or more.

Nuclear energy, microfuels, and advanced technologies cost benefit is 90% better than uranium based, unrecyclable  solar panels from China.

Question 3 is the wrong question. Asking consumers how much ineffective, inefficient insanely priced solar is wrong for Nevada.

Water & Energy

Nevada only produces about 50-60% of its energy, the balance is “purchased” at the market rate from the grid. Nevada power costs 30% more than it does in Illinois.    Today, 27% of the cost for SNWA water is the cost to move it.   Laughlin, NV is only 260 miles from San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico, about the same distance from Ely, to Las Vegas.      Build a Gen4 no waste nuclear plant in Laughlin for desalination of Gulf sea water and for low cost “electric power” for Las Vegas. Nuclear POWER is the only logical power producer for “Clean Energy making Clean water”. 

Gary Duarte, US Nuclear Energy and Craig Mueller, Candidate for Attorney General

Property Protection is Mission Critical

Our Children, Our Property

Education functioning as indoctrination is a social experiment creating  wholesale damage by  unconsented social engineering to create eliminate the middle class. We  take one mighty step forward in asserting our parental rights as the protector of our children's hearts and minds.  We, the governing body of our children, are charged with assisting them at all levels to  evolve their own ability to eventually claim, use, and defend their own Constitutional Right. No entity we delegate  authority to may lay claim to any aspect of the development except for only those enumerated duties with which we contract.  School contracts are only academic. Parental Right exercised to benefit the child exists in a Rule of Law framework.  The parent properly aiding, teaching, and claiming the rights on the child's behalf with and for child's age appropriate decisions. Preserving their rights so they may  make informed free will choices for their own prosperity, life, in liberty. Unconsented subjection to politicized agendas, or persuasive academics are  rabid corruption manifestations. While we may "live in a Village" it is  not the right of the "Village inhabitants" to intimidate, compel, or overwhelm by personal or academic directives. Restore Socratic methodologies  so children can  learn critical thinking, eventually applying it to their prosperity in every way.

Protecting Endocrinology Freedom

Assault on natural DNA endowed men and women from the moment of our conception  needs protection.  Vaccines, GMO food and dysphoria training rob individuals of their birthright as testosterone producing males, and traditionally proportioned females.  Androgyny, psychiatric dependence, dysphoria pharmaceuticals  and transgenderism are profiteering to ultimately end Natural families. #EndowedLiberties by vigorous  preservation of Endocrinology is a sound principle for Life, and ultimately property protection.  Your brain cells, all body functions, even your endo crinologyby which you may earn a living are  your right, as is your general welfare.  It's your property.    Nevada exemption for mandated vaccination is available through your local Health and Human Services office.  Our health is key to our prosperity and ability to create wealth for ourselves.

Faith Community,Goodworks and Charity

The Founding Fathers above all made Assembly, Speech, and Religion Priority One, with good reason. By  virtue of being the First Right of  the Bill of Rights, clear intent to engage morality by all means is   demonstrated.  Religion worships God, unlike cults that worship Other.  Christianity is based on the teachings of Christ. Whether the belief system (religion) relies on the allegorical, or real, interpretations, or testimony, of a Benevolent Creator, observation has been made  beliefs have also been weaponized to divide people.  For our American economic liberty, we recognize there are over 5,000 globally recognized religions. Ask any tithing party, they'll support their faith and belief as THE solution for morality.  All doctrine promoting the Silver Rule for the individual and mankind is Constitutional.  Soul protection is vital and foundational to Principles, and thus economic liberty.  Shouldn't the work of charity be that of the faith community, and not government?

SilverState, SilverRule


Rule of Law only works if those in its sphere follow the Golden Rule, “Do unto Others as you would have done to you”.  However, what is also true is the Silver Rule, “Don’t do to Others what you wouldn’t have done to you”.   The #SilverRule takes the Golden Rule one step further. #SilverStateSilverRule.  

Politicizing mankinds' penchant to redistribute wealth in a compelled manner is wrong for Nevada. Build economic liberty with the  Prosperity Trifecta so People can thrive,   allow the work of charity to widen a safety net with a hand up.