StopSJR14: Every Nevadan needs Affordable Housing

Steve Sisolak's Socialist Democrat Party stated in his address of the State 1/16/2019 he won't raise taxes, we'll be watching.....

SJR14: There's no good in it....

SJR14 kills Affordable Housing


A.I Technocracy takeover would replace humans, who could afford to live here?

Without the cap, your tax bill won't be the red line, it will be the blue line

Then the blue line would be raised at will by individual counties.

1970 build Sold in 2020 with SJR14


1200 sq ft Old Northwest Reno property current taxes $677/yr would jump to  $2,264/yr for total increase of $133/month in tax. permanently for the next owner.

SJR14 makes Clark County NW property unaffordable


Current Residential Taxes with 3% Cap are $1309.00, without the cap they would be  the straight assessed value $3080.00.   Without the 1980 Market Value Ceiling law, a new assessment level based on  home sales would be adopted, raising the base taxable price

Less buyers, lower selling prices with SJR14


Home values will plummet below what is owed on the homes,  since a larger chunk of the monthly payment will need to go to the taxes.  Many buyers won't be able to afford home ownership, which is the goal of the bill.  

SJR14...Creates more homelessness and mass exodus


We analyzed the whole SJR14 document, minutes, and agenda notes; vague language gives lawmakers unlimited power to wield SJR14 as a deadly sword. In NJ, a similar measures to "help"  fixed income residents continue in their housing programs, if they abandon their voter registration.

How does SJR14 go into effect?

Any title transfer to a trust, a home equity line, Refinance, loan reassignment, conveyance to a corporation, designation to another owner and any other title change triggers SJR14.  Should Sisolak become Governor, he will simply direct the legislature to abandon SJR14 and retake a similar measure as a straight bill with no "cover benefit" thus rendering all property owners hapless across the entire state.  Sisolak hsn't even denied this. He has publicly said and t4h unions support him the taxes are "too low" in Nevada.  The reality is government spending  is totally out of control and every single decision maker contributing to the impending disaster is about to be exposed for fiscal malfeasance.  They thought they were getting Killary and assumed corrupt  government spending  crimes would remain a secret. 

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StopSJR14 Stealth Tax to double rents and property tax

Erases 3% & 8% Tax Cap


Allowing counties to eliminate caps means the tax arbitrarily can be raised for any reason at anytime. 

Rental chaos will abound


All property taxes for commercial and residential rents will increase since there will be no cap and no incentives for counties to lower them.

Triples property tax for all real estate


After one year of ownership (the reset year) or any title change, including transfer to a trust or between family members, the  tax will increase to the assessment level, the blue line on your tax bill.

SJR14 creates an elite class of homeowners

SJR14 Myths...actually lies

Myth:Only affects new builds

Truth: Affects any and all real estate transactions and is triggered by a title change, even a name change on a trust will launch the property into the  new higher tax scheme. 

Myth: Just Washoe County is affected

Truth: NV Constitution requires the tax code to be uniform statewide, every county is affected. 

Myth: The Governor can veto it

Truth: Ballot Initiatives are normally titled misleadingly to be perceived as for the public when the truth is they  are against the public, this one is no different. Introduced by Democrat Ratti, a yes vote in 2019 takes it right to the ballot where the people will be misled by millions of dollars spent on ads.  The Governor cannot veto a BI. 

Myth: Fixed income Nevadans are "protected or helped" by SJR14

Truth: It is our endowed liberty to own property freely; Noone need be tied to "extraneous privileges" to own property, such as revoking voter rights, or connecting property right to other rights.  SJR14 makes property an elitist activity, this is wrong for Nevada. 

Myth: Only improvements are taxed at the triple rate

Truth: The entire total assessed value  for land, buildings, and mineral rights are taxed at the new rate and EVERY TIME the house is resold it escalates to a higher bracket of taxable value. This would create total discrimination within the market itself.

Myth: Community infrastructure isn't keeping pace with need at current rates

Truth: Out of control spending is not need. Bloat is not necessity. Many of the taxes we currently pay are unconstitutional.  We The People provide for, and delegate to Government, only authority to assist us in claiming, using, and defending our rights. When they cease to do their job, they become illegitimate.

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Who's behind this?


Nevada Association of Counties  



Nevada Assessors's Association (Neutral)

City of Las Vegas 


Nevada Taxpayers Association

County Commissions with consenting electorate

Every incumbent Democrat Legislator

Ring Leader Aaron Ford (running for Attorney General), Assembly Julia Ratti (Sponsor)  

 Nevada State Education Fund

Reno Sparks Chamber of Commerce

Who is opposed?


Lemmon Valley Flood Relief Resistance

Taxpayers, Landlords

Future Nevada Residents

Business Owners Land Owners

Short and Long term rental clients

Future Homeowners

Homes in Trusts: foreign & domestic

Middle Class

2017 session NV Republicans

Current and Future Homeowners


Nevada Manufacturers Association

Thousands of Businesses who rely on affordable housing for a strong employee pool

Candidates who have Pledged to Defeat SJR14

Stephen Sedelmeyer (RC) AD3

Ron Newsome (RI/C) AD17

Linda Cannon (R/C) AD9

Michael McDonald (R/C) AD20

Jim Marchant  (R/I) AD37

Janice Wesen (R/C) AD34

Noel Searles (R/C) AD10

Clark County Republican Party

Washoe County Republican Party

Nevada State GOP

Key Supporters

Trish Marsh (R/C) Clark Cty Comm. G 

Jeanne Herman (R/I) Washoe Cty Comm

Eddie Lorton (R/C) Reno Mayor

Jim Smack (R) NV Deputy Controller

Walter Meyers, Founder, Patriot Network Initiative

Bob Beers (R/C) NV Treasurer

Carole Fineberg CTL

Cindy Lake (R/C) Clark Cty Comm G

Craig Mueller (R/C) 2018 Primary AG

Ron Knecht (R/I) NV Controller

Debra Strickland BOCC, NYe County


Turn Nevada Red

StopSJR14 Coalition

Red Wave Strategies

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Pledge for Key Supporters & Candidates to StopSJR14

Please sign and send to have your name added to the published list of Support StopSJR14

Raising property taxes by double, or triple is the goal of SJR14

In Nevada, Ballot Questions unseats all previous consumer protections by the use of the words "shall" and "may".  The Nevada Tax code requires all laws create uniformity across all tax districts. SJR14  removes previous consumer property tax protections including the 2006 Tax Caps, the 1980 Market Value Ceiling Law and accrued depreciation  because those old standards will be repugnant to the new standards.   The use of the word "may" in the bill then flips all new authority to the legislature who can do anything they want. The built in trigger for SJR14 is the change in your title.  Most people won't have any knowledge of the deleterious effects of SJR14 until they transfer the title to a trust, or sell their home, or refinance.  If you don't believe this, I challenge you to ask your democrat candidate to put in writing this bill cannot and will not ever raise your property tax in any manner. ask them if it has the potential to remove consumer protections. Don't be fooled, THIS BILL ALREADY VOTED FOR BY THE DEMOCRATS (check NELIS) will devastate Nevada,  the Democrats have vowed to advance it to the Ballot for 2020 in the 2019 legislative session.  The amendment states it MAY help seniors and disabled.  In the notes of the 2017 meetings, it was discussed the disabled approval needs to be 100% disabled, and any senior assistance can be tied to other requirements.   We currently have many help programs and protections for property tax assistance for even 5% disabled. SJR14 would erase all current programs, even veteran. All Republicans have vowed to defeat SJR14.  If you think you will be "protected" since you already own a home, think again. Transfer to a trust , or refi, (not a sale or purchase) while you occupy the property will trigger SJR14; a  home equity line would also trigger SJR14.  Make no mistake. SJR14 makes homeowners captives, not customers, of the County.  How do we stop it?  VOTE REPUBLICAN FOR THE STATE SENATE(S1-S21) AND ASSEMBLY(A1-A42) to stop SJR14 to block stage 2 of the BI.

Nothing to hide? Why won't Sisolak led CCC answer FOIA?

Answer the FOIA Request

$1B plus needed to complete  #ShadySteveStadium to cover bonds/overruns. Don't let SJR14 ruin the Nevada economy! #NoCorporateWelfare 

SJR14 Wall for Truth

"Counties need customers, not subjects.  There is no good in any form of imperialism, especially one that creates an elite class where wage earners will never realize the American Dream to own property".   ---Denise  Mraz, Founder of Don't California Our Nevada

"I am against this tax that not only is a sneaky way to once again fleece the citizens. It will also destroy our economic upswing while further raising home prices to make it even less affordable." -Eddie Lorton for Reno Mayor

 "I take the Ron Paul approach to coalitions. I may not agree 100% with every aspect of the organization's mission, so the big issues we can't agree on we won't bring up.  Of course, on StopSJR14 I couldn't agree more!"  Mon Bertolucci, Good Governance Radio Show, 1180AM America Matters Radio , Reno

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The opposition says not to worry since it doesn't take effect until one year after purchase on new home or upon title change of current ownership

Stealth tax SJR14 creates poverty for property owners and renters

SJR14 eliminates homeownership or property ownership for the elderly, fixed income, middle class, new homeowners, inheritors, and anyone not covered by Section 8 Housing. Creates rental chaos with massive increases. 



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