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Activate to Repeal the 1986 Vaccine Injury Act



In  1986, Ronald Reagan approved the Act under three stipulations: 

1) The  CDC would conduct  professional training fulfilling "learned  intermediary doctrine" stipulations  2)Conduct independent testing,  besides pharma manufacturing testing INCLUDING combinations of vaccines  and 

3) Widely publicize the VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting  System). None of these conditions of the act were ever followed. Then  the FDA added toxins to the G.R.A.S. list and vaccines became the  clandestine pathway to manufactured malaise. 

Repeal the Act and provide restitution by public notice for injury to  be sure all patients receiving vaccines including military, Medical  Association "schedules" and "implied consent" victims, stratospheric  aerosol, aerosol are compensated. Outlaw vaccine mandates.


October is Vaccine awareness Month

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In 2019, 581 people had their cases adjudicated for $180,577,033.06 so far this year.

This  number doesn't even represent 1% of the vaccine injuries, according to sources; since parents do not connect autism, SIDS, seizures, coma, auto- immune, leukemia, GBS, paralysis, and fainting with vaccine injury. 

Collect up all your records and keep them.

The current pediatric schedule of 50 vaccines by age 2 means long term effects may also not identified.

Everything good got hijacked, even vaccines. 

Get the exemption and tell them #NotTodayNotEver

Read more on the current state of vaccines. They aren't what they used to be since Congress allowed them to be hijacked in 1988.

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Legal experts for vaccine court get results

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Titer testing for pets prevents chronic illness

Our pets are overloaded with bad vaccines. Use titer testing first.